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More clients are interested in the online service. It is also not just people with marital problems that seek help. Other personal problems are also being worked with.






This website provides people with information and discussions worldwide. You can also receive online counselling from here.


For people seeking help:

Marriage Problems

Difficulty is a part of most relationships and qualified practisioners definitely facilitate positive change. Seeking help is not not only for those that experience serious problems.


Here are some issues that people seek marital therapy for:


Infidelity - emotional infidelity, lack of appreciation, trust and broken trust, sex (no sex), boredom - stuck ness, silence, before a divorce, ineffective communication, not receiving affection, neglect, addiction, stubbornness, arguing - shouting, continual anger


The online service offers a low cost solution to such problems. Look at the the cost of the online service here. Remember that seeing someone in person is still very much valued with us. The online option is a new alternative with another set of positives. This organisation aims to list the traditional practitioner.


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The worldwide community:



For those working in the field:

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